Now that the book is available I can take a short breather to catch up on all the things that have been on my list to do. The following issues have been nagging at me to address, and I apologize for this post is a bit long.

I would like to address the issue of ORBITAL MANEUVERS and the myths and hysteria about 2012.  While no one has made any comments associating the two, I feel it necessary to talk about this for two reasons:

The timing of the release of the book was not planned to coincide with the wave of popular media about 2012 that is being generated by the ton everyday.  It was just by coincidence.  The book has been in development since the late 90’s and at that time, December 21, 2012 was only a date on the calendar.  If life had not interfered with my writing, the book would have been out years ago, sufficiently distanced from this upcoming non-event that I would not feel the need to be writing this.

The second reason for my discourse, and the more important one, is that the fears, anticipation, and madness about 2012 are all for nothing.  Many people in the world are buying into the hype that is being generated to promote this fear and in most cases it is purely for commercial reasons.  In a lot of those cases the information is presented as coming from professionals and experts, who are anything but.  Investigate the credentials of the people involved in this information, you might be surprised.

What bothers me the most from all this is the people who are terrified by this misinformation – children, elderly people, people who don’t have the ability or know-how to question what they read and hear.  It has gotten to the point that some contemplate suicide (including children) and even filicide, the killing of one’s own children, by distraught parents not knowing what is going to happen.

There is no planet Nibiru that is going to collide with the Earth in the next year and a half.  If it was out there, and that close, astronomers would have seen it by now.  You simply can not hide an object that big.  It would make itself known by gravitational affects on objects in the Solar System even if, for some reason, it was very dim and difficult to see.

If you think that the professional astronomical community is silenced by the government, you are forgetting the millions of amateur astronomers worldwide that watch the heavens every night.  This network of astronomers is well equipped to discover such an object approaching Earth, they are constantly identifying new comets and asteroids and many are doing professional quality work.  Also, with the Internet there is no way this information would not get out and eventually be substantiated by the professional community.  These professionals live on this planet, too, and if a disaster were looming, they are going to suffer the same as anyone else.  And, even if you distrust the US government, there are many other countries in the world that have no reason to side with the US and suppress this information.  It would get out.

The alignment of the Earth with the Sun and galactic core is going to happen.  This is true, and it has happened every year since the dawn of time.  The Earth survived, and as evidenced by this discussion, we are still here.  The galactic core is about 25,000 light years away and has no influence on our planet, at least anything that would create the catastrophes predicted.

Another fear is that the planets are going to line up and the combined gravitational pull is going to create havoc on the Earth – earthquakes, tidal waves…  Again, this alignment has happened countless times since the Solar System formed and again, we, and the Earth are still here.   Solar flares?  Yes, they will happen, they always do.   We could suffer blackouts and loss of communications through our satellites in a worst case scenario, but most likely we will have some beautiful Northern and Southern lights to watch as the Sun goes through its paces.

The point I hope to get across is to question these tales of disaster, be skeptical about what they are telling you and do some investigation on your own.  The Internet is a wonderful resource.  It is abused with much misinformation, but there are many sites that strive to post factual, unbiased information to inform and educate.  Investigate, and when you can’t find the answers to your questions, ask someone.  Many sites have links to send in questions.  Also, your local museums, colleges and universities may provide opportunities to learn about and discuss this topic.

We tend to fear the unknown.  The Universe is not something we should fear.  It has many wonders that stretch our imagination and force us to think outside the box, think about our Earth in a much larger context.  By understanding these objects and phenomena we can allay our fears.  Knowledge is power.  Seek the knowledge for your sake, and your children’s.

Questions and comments are always welcome.

Till next time,

RC  Davison

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