Galaxies Dancing the Tango

Interacting galaxies come in all shapes and sizes.  This pair, known as Arp 237 or UGC-1810 and UGC-1813 bear a striking resemblance to a flower – a rose as stated on the Hubble siteis even more precise.

Galaxies Colliding UGC-1810 and 1813: Image Courtesy of Hubble Site

 (Link to larger images)

     The blue “icing”at the top of the image are hot blue stars that have formed in the wake of the collision.  You can also see a region of new star formation in the center of the smaller galaxy, also most likely due to the collision.

     But, there are jewels strewn all about in this image: A small blue galaxy to the left of the larger UGC-1810 and a red spiral galaxy visible between its arms to the lower right.

         Blue Galaxy     Red Galaxy

   This clip will show you where the galaxies are and zoom in to them.  But, if you can, download the largest image possible, zoom in and explore this beautiful image.

    It is also noteworthy that this image commemorates Hubble’s 21st anniversary of operation in space.  It’s hard to imagine that is has been that long!

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