Blue Heron – A New Wallpaper

 Inspiration for my pictures comes from so many different places.  Blue Heron came one day in March wen I was attending an art exhibit of a very dear friend and AMAZING artist, Tatiana Rhinevault.  Tatiana had done this beautiful painting of a blue heron wading in a small backwater on the Hudson River.  Tatiana’s Blue Heron just pulled me in and I had to see if I could duplicate this wonderful image using Vue and GIMP.  After many, many hours, with countless tweaks, adjustments and renders I finally realized that I would not be able to replicate Tatiana’s artistic interpretation of this beautiful nature scene.  My end result is below.  If you follow the link above you can see Tatiana’s painting to compare.  I highly recommend you take a look at her website and enjoy the amazing skill and depth Tatiana has.  Unfortunately, the pictures of her paintings do not do justice to the originals.  They need to be seen in person.  Take a few minutes and check out her site.

Blue Heron - ThumbEnjoy!

Till next time,

RC Davison

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