“Life – Not as We Know It” — New Wallpaper

What’s out there?

Probably not bipedal, humanoid life with wrinkled foreheads, spotted faces and knobby noses so frequently depicted in modern sci-fi today.  What may be out there is probably more bizarre than we can imagine.  Take a look at what swims in our seas! (And, this is just what we know about.)  Just think about the fact that we — those creatures in the sea and us humans — all evolved on the same planet.  What is life going to be like that evolved on a different planet with different environmental stresses from what our evolutionary history has been? It probably tops anything we can imagine!

Below are two versions of the same scene depicting life on a watery planet, which exists near a sparkling globular cluster and nebula giving birth new stars.  My alien lifeforms are pretty tame, but the focus of the image was the environment and not the lifeforms.  The two versions are basically the same scene but with very different atmospheres and consequentially very different lighting effects.  I put both up for your viewing pleasure because I couldn’t make up my mind which version I liked better!  Let me know which one you prefer.

Wallpaper of

“Life – Not as We Know It” in blue.

Wallpaper -

“Life – Not as We Know It” in red

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