Orb – New Wallpaper

“Orb” evolved while while watching a presidential debate.  I think I was looking for a planet to escape to, but unfortunately the planet I created doesn’t really appear to be too hospitable to us humans.  (After the debate I think I was wiling to take a chance on it!)

Wallpaper - Orb


Our world, from its sapphire blue oceans to its emerald green forests, provides everything we need to exist.  Surely there are planets in this vast Universe–in our galaxy alone–that provide nurturing environments to their indigenous species. The resultant lifeforms may be so alien in nature to us that we may never find a common reference point to share our experiences.

We can’t communicate with the other intelligent species on this planet, so communicating with an alien race from another planet may be quite a challenge.  Although, one could reason that the aliens would be as motivated to establish communication as we would be.  One could also argue that dolphins and chimps (among other intelligent animals) don’t have anything to say to us.


Till next time,

RC Davison

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